Panama hats wholesale advertising

Panama hats wholesale advertising

The Panama hat or straw hat is a traditional and typical model of Ecuador that is manufactured with braided palm leaves. Its popular name comes from the contrsuction of the Panama Canal when the masons used it in their work but it was really when Theodore Roosevel used it in his visit and pupularized it worldwide. It is a product highly demanded for its model and aesthetics, and especially for its artisanal exquisiteness.
Olehats have versioned this model and made it our Panama model with our fetish material, straw. It is a hat that reminds us of the famous “Panama Hat”, but you can enjoy it with
Our cool and light materials, also comfortable to wear and with colored ribbons that you can advertise your logo or business brand or your flashy slogan, we are a reference in Panama hats wholesale.
Exelent Panama is a good choice of advertising Panama hats, they are the best option for those brands that are looking for notoriety, spectacle, leading large and massive concentrations of audiences. You can get large amounts of this advertising claim, which has become a star, for being comfortable, cool and above all economic for advertisers, creatives or companies that organize events.

Panama hats wholesale, straw hats

We make the raw material, we shape it and adapt it to different models and sizes. We have specific machinery with infinite shapes of hats and
Then we adapt these models to hats for women, men and children. We have different models adapted to any event or activity and we complete it with colored ribbons around the crown where we capture the name, to personalize it and promote the brand.

Panama Hats Advertising, the perfect gift

The Panama model is a perfect advertising gift that everyone loves. The brands give with this model specifically because they remind us of the aesthetic and handmade “Panama hat” and we can also play with different shapes and colored ribbons to continue with the brand’s corportive line and create a perfect atmosphere. They are ideal for sporting events, concerts and large concentrations where we want
publicize our brand and make it a beautiful gift for our target, we take advantage because it is a perfect gift to protect from the sun or rain in outdoor events.
It is a gift that leaves no one indifferent, likes and much. In addition, advertising claims are always welcome home!

Advertising items such as Panama envelopes used for this purpose in our lives

Also noteworthy is the integration of these claims in social life. The same public looks for a utility in their own real life and remains part of it. For example in offices or
Workplaces, as a complement in the kitchen, or part of each person’s wardrobe. Right, that you also have some promotional object at home? Almost all of us have some
in our lives, and at the moment of obtaining it we can make thousands of adventures until we obtain it. And when finally, one of them falls into our hands a huge smile is drawn on our face. And we like them so much!

Print techniques on hats

The printing techniques we use for the Panama straw hat is screen printing and sublimation.
Screen printing consists of the reproduction of images on any material, it is about transferring an ink through a tensioned mesh in a frame. It is a very precise printing technique, one or several colors can be printed.
Sublimation is a process that first consists of printing the image on a special paper called transfer paper. This paper has a face impregnated with a product that absorbs the ink. Once the image is printed,
you have to apply the sheet on the hat or cap tape, with the printed face touching the fabric, and iron very well with the hot iron, which transfers the image of the paper to the fabric. These techniques are special to have a wonderful finish of a perfect advertising gift.

And you, do you want our Panama hat for your next meetings with friends? Surely, and you’ll love it too! Request a quote now to get wholesale Panama hats.

Panama hats wholesale

Panama hats