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Buy hats wholesale: Straw hats

We like brands. We love brands.
We fall in love with an event and try to personalize it, make it unique and extol the brands or corporate image through our hats. That is our goal!

Our specialty is promotional or advertising hats. We are totally dedicated to this advertising claim that becomes more important every day and becomes more hollow within promotions and advertising campaigns.
It is our fetish product, we have been trying and developing our products for years to reach an increasingly demanding and dynamic audience. We love our profession, and we contribute to our artisan trajectory that bit of innovation, design and creativity.

Advantages of buying hats wholesale. Straw Hats Wholesale

When we make the purchase of any wholesale product, they are all advantages, and as it was not going to be otherwise, if what you need now is to buy hats in bulk, thanks to our company you will get different advantages in the purchase of large quantities of straw envelopes

Cheapest wholesale hats

Our prices are very competitive. We are dedicated to selling wholesale hats.
We have very attractive prices for a target looking for hats as advertising claims. When you buy wholesale envelopes they are cheaper. We are especially dedicated to the sale and distribution of wholesale hats, we are suppliers of wholesale hats.

Finishing quality in each straw hat

We have first quality raw materials, the printing of colored ribbons and the final sewing complement a product with an unbeatable finish, we provide hats in the best quality.

100% manufacturing

We select our raw materials by the main markets in the world and when they arrive to us, we give them shapes and manufacture our hats on site. We adapt different sizes, different models and make each hat unique and personal.

More sizes

Thanks to our manufacturing and the personalized treatment of the products, we have many sizes and models with different finishes. We have a special section for women and children of our wholesale straw hats.

Diversity of Orders

For us every order of straw hats wholesale is special. Everyone is part of us and we treat them with all the love and professionalism they deserve. From a small order to large quantities, for us all are unique and personal. Because every event is genuine.

Request a test online

When we collect the orders of straw hats wholesale and their characteristics, if you want you can ask for a sketch of the final result of the hat you have ordered. We will be happy to provide you with the information and within 24 hours we will send you the result by email.

Wholesale straw hats Suppliers

We are suppliers of wholesale hats from large companies. Well-known brands trust us to take care of all the advertising and promotional hats they use in their events. If you need a large quantity of custom straw hats wholesale, do not hesitate to write and tell us your needs, we will make for you a personalized budget without obligation.

Types of Marking

We have very advanced printing techniques and equipment that ensure quality and perfectly finished hats. You can choose between Serigraphy, Embroidery or Sublimation. We always advise you with the best solution for each order.


Our delivery times are fast, we always seek to reach our destination as soon as possible. Safe and immediate deliveries.

Straw Hats Wholesale