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Custom Hats Online

Thanks to our company you can customize any of the straw hats that we have. With our personalization techniques the logo, slogan or the name of your company will be incredible on custom hats. Many companies use custom straw hats for the celebration of events and parties, it is time for your company to also give away this type of personalized hats in the events you participate, so the advertising and promotional impact that can be achieved will be higher.

In the customization of your ideal hat you can choose the colors of the hat itself, the type of marking or ribbon you want to use and its color in this way success is guaranteed.

If you want to see how your logo looks on our hats you have two choices: 1 imagine it, or 2 contact us here ( and request a sample of finishingrun. within 24 hours we will send you the result by email.

Custom Hats Online

Buy custom hats wholesale

From OléHats you can buy custom straw hats wholesale. We work with countless companies and companies inside and outside our borders that already trust our jobs. You can request a large number of custom hats for a macro event or a large party, where the expected attendance of guests is very high.
It is time for you to take your company to the top, now buy personalized hats for your company, which is one of the advertising gifts of companies that are more fashionable. Surely you have attended any type of event, large or small, where they gave away a personalized straw hat.
We take care of everything, you can order custom hats online through our website or contact by email or phone


If you wish to contact us please call t.+ 34 96 558 32 96, or info or by submitting a form here


Because every moment is unique and unrepeatable, we customize each hat with your logo or corporate brand. We have the most advanced printing techniques and equipment.