Straw hats for companies

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Discover below all the straw hat models for companies that we have so you can choose the one you like best for your company, event, party or celebration.


Straw Hat Company

We are a company where you can buy custom straw hats, thanks to our history of more than 30 years manufacturing all kinds of hats you will have one of the best solutions to support the promotion of your brand with our straw hats for companies.

We manufacture all types of straw hats for companies

Our main service is to manufacture straw hats for wholesale companies. Any great brand that needs to be known at an event needs a straw hat. It is important for a company that its brand image is known and extended. For this reason it is necessary to have straw hats for companies with the logo, slogan or company name.

Cheap party hats

Cheap hats for any type of party like weddings and other celebrations. What would a party be like without a colorful straw hat to enjoy with friends a good time. Thanks to our experience as a straw hat company, we can offer you all the models that you can see above fully customized. Your party will be a success and the straw hat that is worn at the end will be a memory that will last over time.

Panama hats

Get Panama hats wholesale, we are experts in Panama hats and straw hats. Choose the type of customization you want for your hats, different sizes for all ages. Panama hats are customized wholesale with what you need, brand, logos, slogan, etc …

Straw hats for events

The bigger an event, the more reasons you have to have straw hats for events. Being able to publicize your company in a major event in the sector is the momentum you need to take off. Make no one forget the name or website of your company, ordering straw hats for custom events where you can add both the logo, the name and the website of the company. When attendees look at the straw hat they can directly access your website, see what you do and contact directly.